What is Reiki and what can I expect?

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Reiki healing will balance the energy centres of the body, increasing the vibratory level of the energy in and around the body.

Reiki healing will balance the energy centres of the body, increasing the vibratory level of the energy in and around the body. 

Reiki clears blockages and imbalances in the body’s energy paths permitting the life force to flow naturally and healthily. Life force plays an essential part in everything we do; life force stimulates the body and is also the main source of energy for our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual life. Reiki is pure and unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience it together in harmony

The practitioner may also use symbols, visualisation techniques, crystals and play certain frequencies during the treatment. A Reiki Treatment does not guarantee immediate healing, however what it does do is start the journey to look deeper into self, including being willing to see the blind spots or the parts of our consciousness that are so deeply ingrained and imprinted creating patterns of wounding throughout our life’s experiences.

How will I feel during a Reiki healing Session?

Everyone is unique so every treatment is unique. There is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes heat is felt through the Practitioners hands, or you may feel heat somewhere else in your body, you may feel coolness, you may feel incredibly relaxed and at peace, you might feel recharged and full of energy, you may have memories flood back into your consciousness and you might even feel teary or emotional. All of which is 100% perfectly normal so it is important to surrender and let go of any expectations and be willing to trust the process.

  • Bring about a state necessary for healing through deep relaxation.
  • Strengthen and balance your body’s energy, stimulating its ability for self-healing.
  • Clear any energy blockages.
  • Increase the vibration frequency of your body, providing new energy.
  • Make you feel positive and happier.
  • Help relieve pain, mental and physical discomfort.
  • Help with grief, stress, and anxiety.
  • Reiki sessions are a useful addition to any health and wellness program as there are no
  • negative effects, psychologically or medically. Also, the benefits of this practice can be truly life changing. 
  • Reiki is believed to evidently reduce stress, which promotes a sense of ease and balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. Reiki is also used by some people to manage chronic pain or illness.

How will I feel after a Reiki session?

After a Reiki treatment it is important to remember to drink a lot of water as the movement

of energy through the physical and emotional bodies can bring up toxins that need to be flushed out. You will also need to rest more for a few days afterward a treatment and give yourself time to just be and ponder on life. Self-love is one of the most beautiful gifts we can
give to ourselves because the journey of life is always guiding us towards self-realization, discovering more of who we are, clearing the baggage we carry and embracing the joy and harmony of life. The impacts of a treatment have been known to surface days and weeks
after the treatment was experienced. Amber also offers Remote or Distant Reiki Treatments for those people unable to travel.

Experienced Reiki healers can send healing energies to a person anywhere in the world, no matter how far from the healer they are. The energy transmissions are just as strong as if they were delivered in person.